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Goodhigoo Yanmay

Love of country – it’s an extraordinary worldview and one that has nourished and sustained our evolving artistic journey for nearly two decades at Moorambilla Voices.

This poignantly beautiful collection of works continues our collective ongoing commitment to walking together with inclusion and respect.

As you listen you will be transported to the glorious landscapes of western NSW, you will feel our connection to country through song. The energy and hope this gives us, we give in turn to you, so that you may keep these “songs in company” within your heart for years to come. May this music bring you deep peace and joy.

This album is dedicated to all those who have entrusted me with their love of country.

Aunty Brenda Mc Bride, Aunty Beth Wright, Aunty Elaine Ohlsen, Rob and Kerry Perrin, Brad Steadman, Brad Sullivan, Rhonda Ashby, Lizzie Marmaris, Danielle Faulkner, Paris and Jill Norton, Cheyne Halloran, Frank Wright, the magnificent Moorambilla children, their families and communities, and my dear dad. From all of us – Thankyou.

Goodhigoo Yanmay Lookbook

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Our Videos

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water is a Moorambilla Voices film directed by Anton Lock with artistic direction by founder Michelle Leonard OAM. It was created in only THREE days with 52 youth from 21 LGAs (Local Government Areas) of regional and remote NSW.

Video Director & Taiko Artist: Anton Lock | Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard OAM
Taiko Artist, Taikoz: Ryuji Hamada | Wiradjuri Choreographer: Neville Williams-Boney Gamileroi
Visual Artist: Frank Wright | Music by: Andrew Howes & Anton Lock
Photographer: Noni Carroll | Language Consultants: Aunty Brenda McBride & Rhonda Ashby

Behind the Scenes: Taiko Intensive 2023

BIRRAY Camp 2023 – Baradine, NSW

MIRRAY Camp 2023 – Baradine, NSW

BIRRALII Camp 2023, Baradine NSW

Our Magic Makers

Our Cultural Compact

 This is our shared commitment to cultural understanding, respect and learning. It underpins everything we do here at Moorambilla Voices. For more, please visit Our Vision. We acknowledge and cultivate respect for the people, creatures, land, water and surrounds of our communities which are precious to all. We all share this land. We all care […]

Cultural Immersion 2024

For over a decade, Moorambilla Voices has been privileged to participate in annual Artistic and cultural Immersions facilitated and supported by Indigenous Elders, Linguists, Cultural Knowledge Holders and Community Members, National Parks, and artists in the region we love.  Here are some photos from this April 2024 Cultural Immersion by Noni Carroll. This year, renowned […]

Noni Carroll

Meet Moorambilla Magic Maker @nonicarrollphotography ! Our wonderful photographer and team member for over 10 years. Q: Tell us a bit about who you are and your involvement with Moorambilla?I’m a farm kid who ended up living and working in Sydney, and through different work paths ended up doing what I was meant for – […]

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Resident Photographer Noni Carroll

Resident artist Frank Wright, Walgett

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