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Moorambilla Voices provides fantastic opportunities for your students.  Since 2006 our founder and artistic director has personally delivered in-school workshops for 42,500 students  that encourage everyone to learn how to read music and sing – especially those with changing voices! A child can experience Moorambilla from 8 – 18 years of age and experience a decade of artistic nourishment whilst at school.

All ensembles focus on the creation of a joyful natural choral sound and all participate in dance, visual arts and stage craft underpinned by a developing connection to country and culture as they move through the program.

Children from year 3 to year six in primary school, have a unique opportunity to sing with their peers in one of three ensembles. Repertoire is specifically created to increase their innate joy of singing love of dance and contributes significantly to the development of wonderful friendships and positive  worldview.

The MAXed OUT Company is seen by many as the jewel in the Moorambilla crown. Here students from years 9 to 12 collaborate in an energetic and dynamic ensemble that has at its heart the discipline and power of Taiko, the strength and grace of contemporary dance and the beauty of voice in flight.

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  • Choral singing
  • Dance and stagecraft
  • Japanese Taiko drumming
  • Composition and music literacy
  • Live performance experiences
  • Self-confidence and tenacity
  • Collaboration, leadership and social cohesion

Moorambilla Voices is an Australian arts organisation that aims to empower young people, particularly those in remote and regional areas, through music, to walk side by side with inclusion and deep respect for country. The organisation is best known for its Moorambilla Voices choir, which brings together hundreds of young singers from across New South Wales each year to participate in workshops, rehearsals, and performances. Through these activities, Moorambilla Voices aims to foster creativity, self-expression, and a sense of community among young people, while also celebrating Indigenous Australian languages and worldviews. The organisation has received numerous awards and accolades for its work, which has been described as both transformative and life-changing for the young people involved

The impact of Moorambilla Voices on the youth involved has been significant and far-reaching.

For the 42,5000 children who have experienced Moorambilla Voices the professionally facilitated learning of Australian repertoire with exceptional choral, dance and Taiko pedagogy is absolutely unique in its depth, scale and long term commitment to rural communities in Australia.

The opportunity to connect with other young people from the region helps participants build their confidence, social skills, and sense of belonging. Whilst on residency camps they all co-create with professional artists in an intensive multi-disciplinary environment building teamwork, tenacity and the skills needed to thrive in performance. Strong social bonds are forged in this creative space resulting in higher feelings of social cohesion, self-concept, peer connections and empathy. Candidates are more likely to be actively involved in community or school leadership roles, show academic proficiency, and articulate a positive worldview once completing time with Moorambilla.

Many participants have reported that their involvement in Moorambilla Voices has had a positive impact on their mental health and well-being, providing a safe and supportive space to express themselves and develop their creativity. Additionally, the organization’s focus on Indigenous language and worldview has helped to promote cross-cultural understanding and respect.


In September our Moorambilla Voices Choirs meet in Dubbo for rehearsals and the Gala Concerts. Here students will work alongside leading composers, musicians, artists and choreographers to engage in challenging new learning experiences and collaboratively create repertoire for live performances in a theatre.

I had heard that Moorambilla was amazing, but I now know it to be an extraordinary organisation. The role that Moorambilla can play in the lives of our children in Western NSW is so very important and I can see that the impact can run very deep indeed. It is a rare opportunity for these children to stand up and be proud of where they live and who they are. The power of being involved in an organisation that brings joy, teaches commitment and dedication whilst promoting positivity to all involved cannot be underestimated.

Julie Madden Mum and Supervisor

My favourite part of Moorambilla was meeting new people and making lots of friends. I love singing the music in the shower !! It was so much fun being there with my big sister



I am a Wiradjuri Elder from Griffith who attended and was involved in two Moorambilla workshops and was a supervisor at the Moorambilla Voices performances in Dubbo. I know that the children and young people from Griffith who I travelled with said that it was one of the best experiences of their lives. It was also one of the best experiences of my life – I know that we will never forget it.

Veronica Reid

Moorambilla – It creates happiness and gives you happiness. To experience different cultural dances and songs and be taught by artists that are experts in what they do is awesome. Moorambilla makes me feel happy and capable and confident to sing and dance which I do not usually do!


11 years old

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About Moorambilla Voices

Moorambilla Voices is an award-winning arts organisation that provides music and arts education programs for children living in regional and remote Australia. Founded in 2006, Moorambilla Voices mission is to inspire and empower young people to explore their creativity and express themselves through music, dance, and visual arts.  

Recognised for its outstanding contributions to the arts,  receiving numerous awards and accolades, Moorambilla has made a public and ongoing commitment to excellence, equity and opportunity for rural and remote communities. Through their annual program they amplify the creative arts capacity to empower participants and audiences alike to walk together with inclusion and cultural respect.  

Through skills development workshops in schools, regional tours, recording and live performances, and collaborations with leading artists and organisations Moorambilla Voices has provided unique and transformative artistic experiences to rural children.

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