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Our Vision

Moorambilla Voices

Our Vision

Our vision is bold!

We aim to create a regional choir of excellence that encompasses our regional children and youth. Our children will work with recognised leaders in their field to create, perform and record repertoire that gathers its core artistic inspiration from the region of New South Wales and those that inhabit it. We draw on the cultural legacy and spirit of the country with recognised leaders in our field. We do this in order to spark national conversations on inclusion and respect.

‘Moorambilla’ means ‘the place where water naturally finds its most effective path to flow during a flood’

Moorambilla was originally one of the first sheep runs in Coonamble, and the original placement for the town centre. The first fresh water spear was placed in the Castlereagh river for the fledging township of Coonamble here so that the people knew where to dig for fresh water so they could thrive. It has always been a place of natural beauty and renewal. The Castlereagh river is known as an ‘upside down river’ because it flows beneath the sand for most of the year. Only when it is in flood does it become a conventional river – and its mighty power like our voices in song is revealed for all to see.


Over the past sixteen years, we have developed a strong community network founded on Excellence, Access, Equity, Opportunity, Cultural Identity, Social Capital, Well-Being and Organisational Resilience.


To create equitable opportunity for children from regional and remote areas of Australia to participate in high level choral, Taiko, dance and visual arts with leaders in their field regardless of social & financial status or identity.


To create a body of repertoire and performances that speak directly of the participants’ experiences and cultural legacy and includes choir, Taiko, dance and visual arts as they perform with leading artists and ensembles.


To create an artistic vehicle for regional and remote cultural and artistic expression amongst participants that celebrates Australian cultural connection to country, capacity and creativity.

Cultural Identity

To support the revitalisation and celebration of Indigenous language through consultation and collaboration.


To raise awareness in the region, and beyond, of choirs as an artistic medium, and in doing so create new performance opportunities and new audiences for the ensembles of Moorambilla Voices.

Social Capital

To develop social capital through the artistic outcomes of the choir reflecting the background and diversity of the participants in a culturally competent way.


To create an environment and artistic vehicle that supports children’s mental well-being, resilience and self-esteem.

Organisational Resilience

To ensure ongoing and strong financial management, governance, program development and provision of expertise to support the artists, management and administration of the Moorambilla Voices ensembles.

Cultural Compact

We acknowledge and cultivate respect for the people, creatures, land, water and surrounds of our communities which are precious to all.

We all share this land.

We all care deeply about this country.

It is our collective responsibility to respect and care for all of those associated with Moorambilla Voices.

We commit to working with each other and walking forward in a spirit of openness and generosity – and this will guide our interactions artistically, culturally and socially and in every business interaction we make that represents Moorambilla Voices.

We create art, memories and a sense of ourselves and place from our stories and the land.

We will learn from the past to shape the present and work towards a better future for our country.

In partnership, and with mutual respect and understanding, we put the wellbeing of our Moorambilla Voices family, our people, our communities and our country – first.

We do this by respecting ourselves, each other and our shared commitment to cultural understanding.

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Resident artist Frank Wright, Walgett

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