Gala Concert

Moorambilla 2019


Great things happen when indomitable humans trust, collaborate and create with each other. Moorambilla is a world class team of artists, volunteers and administrators who passionately believe that our regions children are capable of speaking with clarity and integrity about our world. We thank you all for supporting this vision of being more than just a choir and giving us the wings to fly, we simply can’t do it without you.

This year I wanted the audience to see Wayilwan country through the eyes of a bird soaring almost weightlessly, powerfully overhead. Imagining it to be either our protecting Mulliyan or some other bird who has migrated to this RAMSAR listed wetland. In dance you will see the children move through the space as flocks either seated or standing, and I’m sure your spirits will left as they soar through some of the most beautiful and heartfelt music we have ever put on stage. Using the ancient art of natural indigo dying and Japanese shibori as well as origami crane birds to reconnect ourselves with water and its healing was important this year, and the children proudly wear their hand dyed creations as they enter the stage.

As you too look up and see our migrating birds flying overhead – all one thousand of them in hand designed shibori printed paper we want you to collectively wish for abundance and respect for our shared future on this planet. Even the sound of the girls singing about the softness of the wind through the reeds as we start the concert draws you into the bird’s world of flight and freedom. As the lantern orb eggs and birds transform the theatre into the Macquarie Marshes, we also hope to transform your perspective and respect for our shared connection to the natural world in our performance.

2019 Gala Concert Program
Macquarie Marshes

2019 LEPIDOPTERA Recording

Moorambilla Butterflies take flight
44 fabulously talented Voices are in the house recording LEPIDOPTERA!

Video by the incredible Noni Carroll Photography

2019 Lismore Lantern Parade

MAXed OUT Intensive rehearsing for the Lismore Lantern Parade’s 25th Birthday Celebrations!

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Resident Photographer Noni Carroll

Resident artist Frank Wright, Walgett

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