Dance & Taiko

Kerryn joined Taikoz in 2001 and is regularly seen on the mainstage as a taiko soloist, dancer, singer and shinobue player. As a taiko performer Kerryn has toured nationally and internationally, collaborating with many esteemed artists and musicians, most notably Anandavalli, Sandy Evans, Kodo, Kaoru Watanabe, Kenny Endo, Eitetsu Hayashi, Yoko Fujimoto, Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Chieko Kojima, and composer Lachlan Skipworth and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.Kerryn has been a creative force in most of Taikoz’s major projects, including collaborations with John Bell and the Bell Shakespeare Company in Pericles, Meryl Tankard in Kaidan, Andrea Molino and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Dresden Symfoniker in Winners, Eitetsu Hayashi and Fuun no Kai in Natures Rhythm, Gerard Brophy and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in The Book Of Clouds, various professional symphony orchestras in Maki Ishii’s Mono-Prism, Kodo & Taikoz In Concert, Anandavalli and Lingalayam in Australian and Indian tours of Chi Udaka, and most recently with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in Taikoz Meets The SSO at the Sydney Opera House.Kerryn has studied Japanese traditional folk dances with Kodo member Chieko Kojima and folk songs, lullabies and Ainu songs with Yoko Fujimoto, also of Kodo. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Queensland, and a Postgraduate Diploma from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. As a percussionist, Kerryn often performs with the Opera Australia Orchestra.

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