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Moorambilla Voices changes the shape of children’s lives as they discover confidence, resilience and a new way of looking at the world that puts them at the creative heart of it.

Many candidates go on to leadership roles in schools, colleges and workplaces and carry with them a deep appreciation of music, contemporary Australian music, dance, percussion and performance.

Several candidates have chosen to pursue performing arts as a career, for example Nathan, Taylor and Jack.


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Taylor Nasmith

Taylor Nasmith is from Coolah in the Warrumbungle Shire of central NSW.
Taylor was one of the earliest members of the program, and joined Moorambilla Voices in 2006 after Skills Development Workshops in Coolah. She immediately took flight. With a strong voice, Taylor was also inspired to dance and performed as a soloist in the MAXed OUT Company. She is now completing a two-year, full-time Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts! At ED5INTERNATIONAL, recently deemed Australia’s no. 1 Performing Arts full-time college. At ED5 she studies all styles and genres of singing, dancing and acting.

“We are learning and preparing for our interviews and auditions for agents and contracts, readying ourselves for the cut-throat industry that is the performing arts! What is there not to like about Moorambilla? In lots of schools, many students are ridiculed for being so interested in music and dance. At Moorambilla you are with everyone else just like you. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You won’t leave the festival unhappy with your experience. All of Australia, even the world, should experience Moorambilla once in their life.” – By Taylor Nasmith

Nathan Bryon

Nathan Bryon is from the small town of Guerie located between Wellington and Dubbo in central NSW. Nathan started the program at Moorambilla Voices when he attended Skills Development Workshops in 2012. The experience was life-changing for Nathan, and resulted in a love of music and movement, and in particular singing. The program boosted the confidence in his voice, and Nathan became a soloist with the MAXed OUT Company in several performances. Nathan began studying in 2016 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in a Bachelor of Music Performance (Voice) and is currently performing in a variety of operas and recitals as soloist.

“The thing I love most Moorambilla is that it’s really a massive artistic vehicle – with hundreds of creative minds coming together from all over NSW to create something incredible; in the middle of nowhere. That, along with the once-a-year catch up with friends, is why I kept coming back!” – By Nathan Bryon