Regional Taiko Ensemble

Listen to the launch on ABC Western Plains Radio

Moorambilla Voices received funding from the NSW Family and Community Services through the Community Partnerships Funding to source and build 24 new Taiko drums to use across the region. We partnered with TaikoDrumWorks, Australian custom-taiko drum makers based in Tathra NSW, to create Australia’s first large scale ensemble of Taiko drums for the region.

Three regional schools will be part of the Taiko Drum Program starting in 2017 and will create music and performances with these 24 beautifully-crafted custom-made drums. The drums will inspire and encourage young people to play and create performances that speak of the rich cultural legacy and capacity of rural Australia in their schools and in the Moorambilla Voices program.

The Taiko ensemble was launched in Baradine on Wednesday 16 August and were played for the first time with the MAXed OUT Company and Taikoz!