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Yindyamarra: A Prospect of Peace


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A CD for Christmas!
With our talented orchestral partners the Australian World Orchestra we recorded some new Australian Christmas carols for you at the Eugene Goossens Hall at ABC Ultimo!

This was the first time that Moorambilla Voices was in the recording studio. Primary school children from the region were selected to tour to Sydney to sing on this recording which features:

Moorambilla Voices
Artistic Director Michelle Leonard OAM
Accompanied by Clem Leske on piano
Chamber ensemble from the Australian World Orchestra

The Christmas Songs are loosely based on the English tradition of a Ceremony of Carols – or the Seven Lessons. The Seven Traditional Lessons are:
1. A Promised Sign
2. A Reassuring Dream
3. A Fateful Journey
4. Joyful Expectations
5. Holy Birth
6. A Visit
7. A Prospect of Peace

Our new Seven Lessons use some of these ideas – but of course we have given it an Australian twist. The traditional Seven Lessons are focused on Mary, and some of our composers have also used this as a focus, while others have looked more at family relationships, waiting for Santa or getting the baby to sleep! Our new Australian Christmas songs are:

1. Yindyamarra – A Promised Sign – by Josephine Gibson (sung in Wiradjuri)
2. So Strong by Alice Chance
3. Ride On by William Yaxley
4. Joyful Expectation (of seeing Santa!) by Georgia Scott
5. Sleep little Baby Sleep by David Basden
6. Home Again by Andrew Howes
7. Yindyamarra – A Prospect of Peace by Josephine Gibson – (sung in Wiradjuri)
and we have thrown in another one!
That’s Why I Really Love Christmas by Owen Elsley

What the composers say

Josephine Gibson
Yindyamarra dyilmang ngurung-galangal ngurunggal.(yirramiilan)
Yindyamarra is in the silence of the early morning. (sunrise)

“For me, Christmas has always been a time of reflection. This Wiradjuri text evokes the profound power inherent in the stiilness of morning. The sentiment is a very personal one, and deeply connected to my sense of home. By repeating this text set to a simple but animated melody, I wanted to create a programmatic representation of the sunrise, with its rising warmth and colour.”

Andrew Howes
“I moved away from home, not long after high school, to study composition overseas, and while I always had some family and friends with me during the holidays, I realised that being home was very important. I grew to value the little things, the quirky intricacies about being home again, which go beyond the time of year.”

Alice Chance
So Strong takes its inspiration from the point in the Christmas story when Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel. Her fear and uncertainty for the future were alleviated by a message from God which was, in essence, ‘You got this.’ You are safe. You are SO strong. You’re more ready than it seems.

Owen Elsley
“With friend and collaborator Sarah Gaul, I set about finding the things that meant Christmas to me; here in the Southern Hemisphere in Mid-Summer, as distinct from the typical representations of a “white Christmas”.

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