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Moorambilla’s choral music, dance and creative arts program offers primary and high school children a unique chance to develop their own capacity in an outstanding creative environment. Each year the program collaborates and is in turn inspired by regional landmark sites of both Indigenous and European significance.

We’re unearthing the stories of our region concentrating of the Macquarie Marshes in 2019

Throughout the year, we’ll be unfolding what it means to live in our region, focussing on 19 communities, with specially commissioned music and performance, dance and choreography, stunning photography, sculpture, exhibitions, stories, narrative journeys and more!

Moorambilla Voices is driven artistically by the landscape, stories and histories of the outback New South Wales region. Facilitated in consultation with Indigenous and community leaders, the annual Artistic and Cultural Immersion is a unique and innovative aspect of the program.

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25 February - 22 May

Moorambilla Skills Development Workshops Schedule 2019


23 May – 26 May

Artistic & Cultural Immersion

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2019 Special Projects

19 - 23 June Lismore Lantern Parade 25th Birthday with MAXed OUT
24 - 28 June Recording tour with Primary Voices
12 – 17 Nov Bundaberg Milbi (Turtle) Festival Tour
19 - 22 Dec Carols on Norton in Sydney

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7 Aug - 18 Aug

Moorambilla Voices Residency Camps

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27 Sept - 28 Sept

Moorambilla Annual Gala Concerts at Dubbo Regional Theatre

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