2021 Moorambilla Program

Moorambilla Modules Mentoring

In 2020 when the world went it a COVID-19 induced lockdown, Moorambilla Voices did not hibernate.  We created.  What we produced was Moorambilla Magic Modules, an asset that combines education, creativity and fun.  The Magic Modules have been launched and for school participating we have created a program that ensures teachers maximise the benefits of the modules.

Moorambilla Modules Mentoring involves our Artistic Director Michelle Leonard, OAM, taking a tour around regional NSW.  Michelle will be entering classrooms and meeting with teachers around the state in order to introduce the Magic Modules and show how they will change the way Creative Arts is taught in the classroom.

The modules are incredibly easy to implement and can be introduced into teacher's daily routine or act as an aid within certain subjects. This is one of the main reasons why we created Moorambilla Modules mentoring, because we want teaches to be as involved in the modules as the students. We want our regional teachers to utilise the program, learn whilst having fun and understand that they are vital to its implementation.

If you are interested and want to know more email annie@moorambilla.com.

Moorambilla Magic Modules

Our MOORAMBILLA MAGIC MODULES are an asset we created in 2020 when the world went into lockdown.  Our Artistic Director Michelle Leonard OAM did not want to lose contact with our regional youth and tasked 30 of our fabulous artists with creating educational modules that radiated creativity. What they produced was ranging between 20-30 minutes in length that are all mapped to the NSW Education Syllabus.

These modules fit into 5 key categories:

Moorambilla Magic Modules Online Arts Course for Kids

  • Dance
  • Visual Arts & Drama
  • Music
  • Percussion & Rhythm
  • Culture

They modules range from music, drama, singing, photography, percussion, yoga, dance, drawing and all the way to literacy!

That is not all, we partnered with CreateNSW to ensure every child has the opportunity to participate.  The cost to take part is just $100 per child and parents can use their Creative Kids Voucher to cover the entire cost.

Apply now for your CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER if you don't already have one.

Moorambilla Maruma-li

Once you have completed the Magic Modules you will have the skills to move onto Moorambilla Maruma-li (to heal, to fix). However, a date for this to happen is yet to be confirmed.

Keep an eye on this space for more information.

Meet the Artists

The Artistic Team delivering our MOORAMBILLA MAGIC MODULES.