Yarragaa 2018 CD by MAXed OUT Company


1. Scrub Spirits – Josephine Gibson 2018
Song for Agnes – Elena Kats Chernin 201
2. Kindness
3. Unhu
4. Unbunto
5. This song of mine*
6. Yarragaa – Song for Agnes
7. Salt Spirits – Kevin Barker 2018

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Moorambilla MAXed OUT Company 2018 Recording Ensemble

Nick Anderson, Teleah Anderson, Daisy Andrews, Ebony Aumua, Hannah Barker, Kaitlyn Bellfield, Lucy Berrell, Melanie Bodycott, Claire Cummings, Elina de Rosney, Haily Dorante, Brianna Duncan, Kaylee Eaton, Joshua English, Tarnee Flint, Billy Roy Frail, Jade Gardiner, Atilla Hajas, Felicity Hardwick, Karlie Haverhoek, Clover Hippisley, Su Hninn, Clayton Hutton, Zoe Invest, Kailee Jackson, Katelyn Martin, Alexander McWhirter, Laura Murray, Artemis Pech, Charlotte Porter, Heidi Purvis, Delta Hawkins Richardson, Bridget Ritter, Tully Ritter, Sofia Robinson, Georgie Saunders, Chevy Schlaeppi, Jada Seaton, Ruby Belle Stingemore, Mya Stone, Lila Strong & Opal Trumper.

They were cared for and supervised by Annie Berrell (Moorambilla Mum), Peter Thompson (Moorambilla dad), Rachael Schlaeppi ,Carmel Ritter, Kerry Flint, Rosemary Duncan.

The children were magnificently supported on this recording by the following Conductor Michelle Leonard OAM, Concertmaster, Katherine Lukey, Violin 2 – Asmira Woodwood-Paige, Violin 3 – Anna McMichael, Violin 4 – Dominique Galley, Viola 1- Virginia Comerford, Viola 2 – Andrew Jezek, Cello 1 – Rowena Crouch, Cello 2- Minah Choe, Double Bass – Kirsty McCahon and Soprano Saxophone – Christina Leonard.  Our recording pianist was Benjamin Burton and our Speaker was Lesley Lysaght.  Photography on tour was taken by Noni Carroll.


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Resident Photographer Noni Carroll

Resident artist Frank Wright, Walgett

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