Eco Printing Silk Scarf


Eco Printing is the most natural form of dyeing, the process uses no manmade chemicals.

Even when the earth is unforgiving and dry the process reminds us that nature is still benevolent and giving.

Leaves are collected without disturbing local flora, fallen branches are gathered, and different greens are selected to create beautiful hues.

Bundles of beautiful silk are ready to be wrapped up, leaves are folded within the fabric using Shibori techniques, creating lovely resists and patterns. Tied in a string and dropped in simmering dye pots, the smell of eucalyptus wafts through.

The alchemy begins, like all forms of life, we are at the behest of nature. Each leaf, twig and plant matter inside its bundle will now form an imprint and give different colours.

Each piece is unique, never to be replicated just as we are unique individuals.

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No two are the same!