This woman is a Sydney and Riverina based photographer specialising in theatre, commercial and family portraiture, landscape artworks and documentary photography. A finalist in the 2018 HEAD ON Landscape prize, semi-finalist in the 2014 and 2015 Moran Photographic Prize, Noni was runner up in the 2015 Art Gallery of NSW Instagram Australian Landscape competition. Noni’s involvement with Moorambilla started in 2012 as a promotional and documentary photographer. In 2016/2017 she mentored regional youth whilst photographing landscapes and people of the 17 communities involved with Moorambilla. She continued documenting these communities in 2018 as well as conducting regional town photographic workshops. Noni has also been involved with Moorambilla’s Narran Lakes, Mt Grenfell, Mt Gundabooka, Brewarrina Fish Traps and Byrock waterholes artistic cultural immersions where visual works and musical compositions are created. Noni lives and breathes photography. She relishes the opportunity to be able to capture Australia’s beautiful, diverse landscapes and people – showcasing them to a broader audience. Noni was vital in creating the Photography Modules for our Moorambilla Magic Modules

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