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in 2000 when the war went it couD-19 induced lockdown, Moorambilla Voices did not hibernate We created What we produced was Moorambilla Magic Modules, an osset that combines education, creativity and in The Magic Modules have been launched and for school participating we have eated a program that ensures teachors maximise the benefits of the modules

Moomba Modular Mentoring involves our Artistic Director Michelle Leonard, OAM, taking a tour around regional NSW. Michelle will be entering classrooms and meeting with teachers around The se to introduce the Mogic Modules and show how they will change the way Creative Arts is tought in the classroom.

The modules are incredibly easy to implement and can be introduced into teacher’s daily routine or act as an aid within certain subjects. This is one of the main reasons why we created Moctombita Modules mentoring, because we want teaches to be as involved in the modules as the students. We want our regional teachers to utilise the program, eam whilst having fun and understand that they are vital to its implementation

if you are interested and want to know more email