Moorambilla Arts Pathway

By Moorambilla Voices partnering with leading arts organisations, the development of the extraordinary talent in the region translates to an artistic outcome that is exceptional in itself, but has the added beneft of being life changing for those involved by providing a rich starting point for artistic, social and career growth.

Through the Moorambilla Arts Pathway (MAP) program, young and emerging artists are able to learn and create in an environment that showcases their capacity – further acting as role models for regional youth on the excitement that is “life is full of possibilities”

Noni Carroll

Noni Carroll is a Sydney and Riverina based photographer specialising in theatre, commercial and family portraiture, landscape artworks and documentary photography. Noni has been involved with Moorambilla since 2012 and her work is the visual beating heart of the program. Moorambilla’s Narran Lakes, Mt Grenfell, Mt Gundabooka, Brewarrina Fish Traps and Byrock waterholes artistic cultural immersions have featured her work to wide acclaim and will be seen as part of the Moorambilla MAP project.

Alistair Lee

Alistair Lee was born with vision impairment, sound and music are central to the life of Alistair Lee. He has a love of classical music and adores Jazz from the 20s and 30s. His idiomatic piano playing is showcased in the Moorambilla MAP project. As a professional voice artist and national sports person in swimming and athletics for Australia, Alistair is now a keen part time car restorer who has never let a disability prevent him from seeing the world in a positively unique way.

Cheyne Halloran

Cheyne Halloran: is a proud Aboriginal man of the Wolagalu and Namich clans, of the Ngunnawal Nation. He specialises in language feld recordings and community consultation and is passionate about the capacity of technology to facilitate language revival. A keen vocalist and sound engineer he has relished the opportunity to create a multilayered feld sound track to underscore the Moorambilla MAP Project.