MAXed OUT Company

Moorambilla Voices encourages everyone to sing – especially our changing voices. The High School MAXed OUT Company is seen by many as the Jewel in the Moorambilla crown. This energetic and dynamic ensemble has at its heart the discipline and power of Taiko, the strength and grace of contemporary dance and the beauty of voice in fight.

Our composers, choreographers and mentoring artists understand that this company aspires to connect to the audience through their own personal connection to culture, art form and landscape.

The Candidates in the MAXed OUT Company show exceptional leadership not only in this ensemble but within their schools and communities. Their performances benchmark capacity and are utterly electrifying to witness.

In 2021 up to 110 places will be offered on merit for entry into the MAXed OUT Company’s yearly program of tours, performances and recordings. Most successful candidates will have participated in the Moorambilla regional children’s choir in their primary school years.

The MAXed OUT Company has been growing from strength to strength since it was established in 2008. It is a vehicle for strong artistic performances involving singing, percussion, dance and composition of the highest calibre.

MAXed OUT is open to high school aged boys and girls, who are selected following the Skills Development Workshop Tour.The talented students meet at Residency camps in August and September to work collaboratively with their peers from across the region and with the professional musicians and artists who lead the project in a focussed and intensive artistic environment. Previous projects have been nothing short of sensational, featuring the opportunity to create an original work in collaboration with Japanese percussion ensemble Taikoz and some of Australia’s premier composers. These works explore the rich regional and Indigenous culture of the region – of local legends and powerful landscapes, speaking authentically of the experiences of living in regional and remote communities.

At the residency camps, the students develop skills in:

Choral singing

Compositional techniques

Percussion and taiko

Dance and movement skills

Creativity using other artistic mediums

Performance experience

Self-confdence and self-discipline

Collaboration with peers from across the region

Social skills and leadership

The repertoire and skills learnt during the August residency camps in Baradine are put into practice at the Second residency camp in September where the annual Moorambilla Gala Concerts takes place in Dubbo Regional Theatre. The students sign-in at Dubbo and then perform in four concerts alongside some of Australia’s leading musicians and associate ensembles, including artists from Bangarra, The Song Company and percussionists from Taikoz.


August Residency Camps in Baradin:

Wednesday 11 August – Sunday 15 August.

September Residency Camps in Dubbo:

Tuesday 14 September – Saturday 18 September.

Gala Concert at Dubbo Regional Theatre:

Friday 17 September at 7pm
Saturday 18 September at 2pm and 7pm


There are many opportunities for the MAXed OUT Company members to sing and perform on tour and in concerts.

Have you been offered a place?

If you have been selected to take part, congratulations! You are about to experience the magic of Moorambilla!