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Our Cultural Compact

Our Cultural Compact

 This is our shared commitment to cultural understanding, respect and learning. It underpins everything we do here at Moorambilla Voices. For more, please visit Our Vision.

We acknowledge and cultivate respect for the people, creatures, land, water and surrounds of our communities which are precious to all.

We all share this land.

We all care deeply about this country.

It is our collective responsibility to respect and care for all of those associated with Moorambilla Voices.

We commit to working with each other and walking forward in a spirit of openness and generosity – and this will guide our interactions artistically, culturally and socially and in every business interaction we make that represents Moorambilla Voices.

We create art, memories and a sense of ourselves and place from our stories and the land.

We will learn from the past to shape the present and work towards a better future for our country.

In partnership, and with mutual respect and understanding, we put the wellbeing of our Moorambilla Voices family, our people, our communities and our country – first.

We do this by respecting ourselves, each other and our shared commitment to cultural understanding.

Images by Noni Carroll.

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Resident Photographer Noni Carroll

Resident artist Frank Wright, Walgett

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