How to maintain your Moorambilla Voices Taiko

Congratulations! You are the custodian of the Moorambilla Voices Regional Taiko Ensemble. You are entrusted to take care of and maintain these beautiful Australian-made taiko, and keep them in perfect condition for all children to learn and play on.

Before you start, please take the time to listen to ALL of these videos, which will show you how to look after them. Ian Cleworth, Artistic Director of Taikoz, shares his expertise on how to look after each taiko.

It’s important to keep them tuned. After each performance you need to detune them to loosen the tension on the skins. Then before the performance you will need to tune them, or tighten them up again.

Looking after the Okedo daiko

1. Introduction to tuning the Okedo daiko

2. Lifting and moving the Okedo daiko

3. Packing the Okedo daiko into the bags

4. Playing the Okedo daiko

5. Tuning the Okedo daiko

5. Tuning the Okedo daiko – finishing off

Looking after the Shimedaiko

1. Introduction to tuning the Shimedaiko

2. Unpacking the Shimedaiko

3. Placing the Shimediako on a stand

4. Tuning starting point for Shimedaiko

5. Tuning down the Shimedaiko

6. Tuning up the Shimedaiko

7. Tuning the Shimedaiko – how long does it take?