Voices Girls

Primary Girls Choir

Moorambilla Voices encourages everyone to Sing - particularly primary children. Our girl treble choir of up to 130 in any year is an incredibly exciting and powerful musical instrument.

Primary girls have a unique spark and “ glow” in their sound. Every year we celebrate their powerful “pink positivity” in word deed and song.  On stage they have forged a new style of presentation where they integrate singing and dance by working with exceptional choreographers and composers.

Each year they co create works that celebrate not only their unique capacity , but also the rich cultural heritage of the region. Together they create performances that celebrate  their sense of self, their friendships their communities and their outstanding intellect.

Up to 130 places are offered  on merit each year in the Moorambilla Voices Regional Girls choir with the opportunity to tour, record and perform.

The Moorambilla Voices Regional Girls and Boys Choirs are for primary students in Years 3-6. Following the Skills Development Workshop Tour, talented girls are offered a place in the choir and the chance to participate in the Baradine Residency Camps, Gala Performances, Tours or Concerts and recordings throughout the year. Moorambilla Voices works hard to ensure that any child who is offered a place is supported financially to do so through our policies of inclusion and equity.

The choirs meet for two residency camps one in August at Baradine and one in September at Dubbo for the Gala Concerts. At these camps, they work alongside leading composers, musicians, artists and choreographers to engage in challenging new learning experiences and collaboratively create repertoire for performances. They develop skills in:

  • Choral singing and repertoire

  • Music theory and sight-singing

  • Movement and dance

  • Creativity in other artistic mediums, like visual arts

  • Performance experience

  • Self-discipline and concentration

  • Performing as part of an ensemble

As well as rehearsing as a choir there will be many opportunities for other activities on camp such as making and playing percussion instruments, lantern making, creating visual art, dancing and connecting to country. There may also be opportunities to work with other artists in residence, as in past years, where the students were involved in painting and weaving the Gala concert backdrop and artworks used to decorate the performance spaces. In short, lots of intensely creative and fun times for all.

The repertoire and skills learnt during the residency camps are put into practice at the annual Moorambilla Gala Concert in September. In 2021 this will take place in Dubbo at the Dubbo Regional Theatre. The girls sign-in at Dubbo and then perform in three concerts alongside some of Australia’s leading musicians and associate ensembles, including artists from The Song Company and percussionists from Taikoz.

Have you been offered a place?
If you have been selected to take part, congratulations! You are about to experience the magic of Moorambilla!


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