Jacob Williams – Dance – Both a hat and a feather

As we commence 2020, come join Jacob, Andrew, Chase, Yoda, and their many furry friends on a journey back to the roaring 20s, to learn one of the most popular dance styles of the period – the Charleston. Over four 30-minute modules, you will learn a three-minute Charleston solo routine featuring many of the signature movements of the style, including the Jay-Bird. Each module will also include a warm-up jazz exercise to Andrew’s DJ beats and a beachside cool-down stretch at the Maldives.

Welcome this module covers:

  • Warm up: push-ups, sit-ups, walking the plank and high-tea
  • Mirroring the force with Yoda
  • Understanding the Charleston: primetime with Chase the Coyote
  • The Charleston – Part 1: ‘Both a hat and a feather’
  • Stretch: Put your sword and hook away and stretch your peg leg

Music by Andrew Howes