Elliott Orr – percussion – Zebola

Module 4 covers:
Zebola – Serpent Healing
This rhythm comes from the Congo and has been adapted to the djembe and doundouns.
The traditional context of Zebola is this:
The village community gathers for the purpose of healing someone. The drummers play, people dance and everyone chants the song Zebola. Whether the person needs healing for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reasons the healer/witch doctor of the village goes into a trance through the music and singing and then intuits the necessary healing technique or treatment
In this module I present the Low drum part and the break.
In the Low drum, as in most rhythms, it is important to follow the handing:
Right Left Right Right Left for the first half.
Right Left Right Left Right Left for the second half.
I speak of the important of the doundouns this module. If any of your students are particularly capable you could try and introduce the doun pattern and play it on some other type of bass drums. Ideally you would have three drums, low, medium and high. Perhaps one day you’ll have your own set of douns.
For Zebola there is a vey cool ‘call’.
The vocalisation for it is:
Kataka ta ka ta ka ta gu du
The main goal is to work out how to bring in the Introduction from the Call and then go straight into the Low Drum part.
I would suggest getting this module fully learned before moving on to the next module.