Elliott Orr – percussion – Tihah Extended

Module 3 covers:

Tihah – extended
A rhythm from the Yoruba people of Nigeria.
Background image of Uluru. Always was always will be……
In this module we introduce slaps to the Low drum part of Tihah.
We also teach the High drum part of Tihah. The vocalisation for which is:
Gung gung gidi di di dikatakata
Where ‘gung’ is a bass, ‘gidi’ are tones and ‘kata’ are slaps.
If you can sing it you can play it!
The concept of ‘polyrhythm’ is introduced. The music of ensemble drumming is based on polyrhythmic arrangements, the combination of complementary rhythms played together to a common pulse.
To hear the two hand drum parts, the Low and the High, played together go to:
This is the ultimate challenge for your students, break them into two groups and have them play the two parts simultaneously.