Elliott Orr – percussion – Song with Mid Drum Part

Module 5 covers:

Zebola – continued
In this module I present the Mid Drum part as well as the chant.
The words:
Zebola, Zebola kani Zebola
Aiey aiey (or aioh)
Ok, doing the chant may feel a little awkward. My experience is the only way to make it work is to simply go full throttle and have no shame. Once the awkwardness passes the feeling of singing while drumming is a really powerful thing. Integrating vocalising the chant simultaneously while coordinating the hands to play the rhythm is also a great challenge.
My suggestion is to follow the call and response style that I do with Charles. My fingers are crossed that the kids will get into it.
For those in the group who really take to the chanting I would suggest they might like to try the extra vocal calls that I add once the group is strong.
It’s totally doable to sing the chant and play the Low Drum part at the same time. This would be a great outcome. Once the mid drum is being played the singing will get drowned out, so is a good point at which to let the chanting go.
The main goal of this module would be to play the Low Drum and Mid Drum simultaneously. You might like to separate the group into two and take it in turns to play each of the parts. The trick here is to play the Low Drum slowly so that the Mid Drum is not too fast.