Elliott Orr – percussion – High Drum Part

Module 6 covers:

This module is the wrap up for Zebola, including the High Drum part.
Drum drum speedy faster speedy is the mnemonic for this part.
The complex thing about this rhythm is that it has a different dominant pulse. The best way to come to terms with the difference between the two different pulses is to come to get to know the feeling of ‘2 over 3’. The clapping that we do at the beginning is something you could easily focus on for a great deal of time. It’s worth doing the two pulses between two groups and then also doing the two pulses with your own two hands.

At 15:21 we begin a full run through with this arrangement:
Begin with the song
Call comes and we play the Introduction
Keep singing while simultaneously playing the Low Drum part
Call comes and we move to the Mid Drum part
(The group could split into two groups when I move to the Low Drum part)
Call comes and we move to the High Drum part
– at this point half the group might like to play with Charles on the Low Drum part and then
change with him to the Mid Drum part.
– through this section it would also be great to try and have all three parts represented.
We then bring the doundouns in and return to the Low Drum part.
With a simple count of 4 we change to the Mid Drum part.
Then again, with a simple count of 4 we all change to the High Drum part.

From this point I demonstrate some solo ideas.
This would be a good time to have all three parts played by the group, 1/3 each or some combination of people to have the three parts represented.

Keep in mind that pulling together Zebola as I do in Module 6 is relatively advanced. If the students simply do each Module preceding this Module just once I would not expect great success. The intention is to work on each module for a number of sessions until the rhythms, including the technique, begin to ‘stick’.

Please note that I take the tempo up during this section of the arrangement.

I’d love to think that some keen drummers may try to nut out/transcribe/memorise some of these
solo ideas.

Have fun!