Courtney Scheu – Dance – Intro to Yoga

Modules 1 – 6 are yoga and place-based contemporary dance workshops that include breath work, yoga series’, contemporary dance phrases, improvisation tasks and choreographic tasks. Each module is a chance to focus the mind, release and strengthen the body while learning something new. Let’s move and create together.

Welcome. Today’s module will cover: 

  • Check list – Safe Dance Practice 
  • Breath practice – Balanced breath 
  • Warm-up 
  • Chest and back opening yoga series 
  • Introduction to improvisation in response to natural elements 
  • Learn and rehearse an arm phrase 
  • Cool-down 
  • Chest and back opening yoga series 

Module 1 complete. Congratulations! 

“Wind Song” Music by Elena Kats Chernin, Riley Lee & Christina Leonard

Warm up & Cool Down Music by Oscar Sweeney