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Moorambilla Magic Modules – MAXed OUT Company Core Completion Certificate

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Welcome to the Moorambilla Magic Modules for MAXed OUT Company.

We are so looking forward to sharing these with you and hope you have fun! The first thing you need to do is complete the first 4 core modules then you can choose 6 of your own electives before achieving your Completion Certificate. Once you have received your Completion Certificate, you will be invited to complete the Intermediate Certificate and once that is achieved, the Advanced Certificate.

The core modules included in the Completion Certificate include:

  1. Michelle Leonard Module 1 
  2. Noni Carroll Module 1 
  3. Jacob Williams Module 1 
  4. Anton Lock Module 1 

We strongly recommend you completing the following modules next:

  1. Neville Williams-Boney Module 1
  2. Courtney Scheu Module 1 
  3. Sophie Unsen Module 1
  4. Vocal Bootcamp Modules relevant to you by
    • Hannah Fraser (Warm Ups)
    • Anna Fraser (unchanged voices)
    • Andrew O’Connor (changed male voices)

The two electives can be chosen from the following list of Artists available modules:

  • Neville Williams-Boney’s Dance Modules
  • Courtney Scheu’s Yoga Modules
  • Jacob Williams’ Dance Modules
  • Sophie Unsen’s Taiko Modules
  • Anton Lock Body Percussion Modules
  • Frank Wright’s Animal Drawing Modules
  • Noni Carroll’s Photography Modules
  • Michelle Leonard’s Sight Singing Modules
  • Anna Fraser’s Vocal Modules
  • Amy Flannery’s Dance Modules
  • Andrew O’Connor’s Vocal Modules
  • Hannah Fraser Vocal Warm Up Modules
  • Tainga Savage Music and Dance Modules

This program has been designed for Moorambilla candidates, to provide you with fun and interactive videos to do at home that cover sight singing, vocal bootcamp, dance, yoga, body percussion, taiko, visual art and photography.

Having a positive and happy mindset is vital in 2020. As you travel through the lessons we hope that shines through.

Thank you,

Michelle Leonard



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