Anton Lock attended the Sydney Conservatorium High School and was the frst student to perform on taiko for the HSC. He received top honours for his recital and was subsequently selected to open the proceedings at the Premier’s Awards and to present an item at the Opera House Encore performance – a concert given by the outstanding HSC musicians of 2003. Anton became a full-time member of TaikOz in 2006. Personal highlights include performances with TaikOz and Eitetsu Hayashi Fuun no Kai at Japan’s National Theatre as part of Eitetsu Hayashi’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, intensive workshops with Miyake Daiko teacher Akio Tsumura, and the 2009 Kodo and TaikOz “In Concert” Australian tour. In 2007 and 2008 Anton traveled to Sado Island and was taught Onikenbai, a traditional performing art of Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture by Yoshikazu Fujimoto of Kodo. Anton is passionate about Onikenbai and is continung his study with Yoshikazu Fujimoto and the original Iwasaki Onikenbai masters. In 2015 traveled to Colombawhere he has been living and working as both a recording artist, producer, model and performer. Primarily working with electronic sounds (heavily infuenced by genres such as dub step, trap, moombahton and dance, as well as being heavily infuenced by latin music) Anton has been performing a DJ style drumming show which involves recording, looping, mixing, drumming, synthesisers, vocals, dancers, lighting, all done live.

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