15 years of musical and cultural excellence


We have a vision to create a regional children and youth choir of excellence, who work with recognised leaders in their field to create, perform and record repertoire that has its core artistic inspiration from this region of NSW and its inhabitants.


This is Moorambilla

The people, creatures, land, water and surroundings of the communities we operate in are precious to us all.

We all share this land.

We all care deeply about this country.

It is our collective responsibility to respect and care for all of those associated with Moorambilla.

We commit to working with each other and walking forward together in a spirit of openness and generosity - and this will guide all of our interactions artistically, culturally and socially and in every business interaction we make that represents Moorambilla.

We create art, memories and a sense of ourselves and place from our stories and the land.

We always learn from the past to shape the present and work towards a better future for our country.

In partnership, and with mutual respect and understanding, we put the wellbeing of our Moorambilla family first, its people, its communities and its country.

We do this by respecting ourselves, each other and our shared culture.

From our Patron

Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley (nee McMartin) was born and raised in Sydney. She was educated at Kingsgrove High School and went on to become a teacher, commencing in 1976. She married David Hurley in 1977.
In the course of their married life, Mrs Hurley has supported her husband throughout his career on a wide variety of postings in Australia and overseas, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia. Mrs Hurley’s own career in education has been in both the public and private school systems, until her retirement from full time teaching in July 2011. She has been an active member of the community as a Pastoral Carer at the Canberra Hospital and Hospice. Mrs Hurley holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Canberra.
Mrs Hurley has an interest in the Arts, especially music. She is passionate about singing, and showing how singing, especially in a group, can have a positive impact on individuals and the community.

Mrs Hurley is a member and Patron of ‘Solid Rock’, a Christian Ministry to women in Defence. She has been a member of the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church choir in Canberra and is a member of the Australian Military Wives Choir.
Mrs Hurley is dedicated to championing causes that are developing new technologies to recycle rubbish, and ways to reduce our use of plastic, particularly plastic packaging and plastics used for single use items, which are not only harmful to the environment but add unnecessarily to landfill sites.
Their Excellencies have three children: Caitlin, Marcus and Amelia.

“Ever since I first saw and heard Moorambilla Voices, I was impressed by the singers in this wonderful choir and the inspiring musical programs they provide. I am delighted to become Patron and to have further opportunities to support talented young people in regional and rural areas fulfil their dreams through music.” Mrs. Linda Hurley

Our Pillars

We have developed a strong community network over the past twelve years founded on the initial three pillars- excellence,equity and opportunity.
Our 2017 - 2020 vision will focus on the following :

  • Excellence

To create a body of repertoire that speaks directly of the participants experiences and includes both treble and mixed voice choirs performing with leading artists and ensembles.

To ensure the ongoing development and provision of expertise to support the management and administration of the company.

  • Access & Equity

To create equitable opportunity for children from regional and remote NSW to participate in high level choral music making with leaders in their field regardless of social & financial status or identity.

  • Identity

Development of social capital through the artistic outcomes of the choir reflecting the background and diversity of the participants.

Development of new Australian music through the telling of stories, lifelines and the landscapes of the region.

To create an artistic vehicle for regional and remote cultural and artistic expression amongst participants.

Raise awareness in the region, and beyond, of choirs as an artistic medium, and in doing so create new performance opportunities and new audiences.

Celebration of the cultural identity of the region.

Support the revitalisation and celebration of the lost indigenous art forms and lifelines of the region.


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