Cobar, a town in Outback NSW, is famous for being the home of Aboriginal rock art and a thriving mining community. Located on the eastern-most outskirts of the outback, 690km from Sydney.

Mount Grenfell Historic Site in Cubba protects Ngiyampaa rock art.
For thousands of years before Europeans settled in this part of NSW, Ngiyampaa people regularly gathered around the semi-permanent waterhole and took shelter in the overhangs of what is now Mount Grenfell Historic Site. In the surrounding rocky ridge, you can see richly coloured paintings of human and animal figures, representations of the natural environment, and hand stencils which are of ceremonial significance to traditional owners.
Cobar is a flourishing town built around the thriving mining and pastoral industries. Mining commenced here in the 1870s, and today, the town is an important source of copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold.

We are thrilled to work with Cobar Public School, Cobar High School, St John’s Primary School, and invited to the Skills Development Workshops is Wilcannia Central School.

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